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>> this is "al jazeera." >> welcome to the news hour. it is good to have you here with us. coming up on this program, history in the making. south korea gets its first female president. thousands turn out for her swearing in. >> anger and pessimist mism in italy -- pesimism in italy. >> protests in the west bank after a prisoner dies in israeli
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custody. palestinians say he was tortured. fidel castro makes a rare public appearance in cuba despite the concerns he plans to retire. and red carpet ready. hollywood's biggest name for the most unpredictable oscars in the earth. >> we begin in south korea for the inauguration of the country's first female president has gun in seoul. you're looking at live pictures in the ceremony. there's increasing tension with north korea as she begins a five-year term. she'll also have to deal with the economic worries as the gap between the rich and the poor in south korea grows larger. harry foster is live in the capital. harry, what's been happening there?
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>> well, just many the last couple of minutes, pa krving enay has arrived here. as you can see tens of thousands have gathered here to watch her inauguration. it's standing room only. the national anthem is about to be played. she will pledge allegiance to the country. she will also take the oath of office in which she will say that she will faithfully execute the duties of president, pursuing the peaceful beautification of the homeland. she'll give her inaugural address setting out the policy goals and the kind of president she wants to be before heading back towards the blue house. the president stopping by to meet presidents along the way and she's full of engagements and the prime minister and the national security advisor of the
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united states to major inaugural balls. and she will go to bed as president of this country. >> what's likely to come out of that inaugural address in >> she will be setting out a number of things. i guess one of the key things that she will have to address is north korea. she has been throughout her campaign and even since that it's important to engage with north korea despite the rocket launch and the nuclear tests. she waits for unification to happen. you have to engage in a prock active manner. how she approaches north korea. other countries will have to respond as well. she will take a strong deterrent line and strong defense. it will be much more difficult with nuclear tests very recent
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and north korea pledging to do a second and third measure of greater intensity, they said. that's been seen as a second and third nuclear test. the major thing she campaigned on was the major situation here in south korea. she will talk about demock cra tiization. -- democratization. that was a major part of her election campaign. >> harry, she comes to the help of fanfare as the first female president and also because of who she is. there seems to be much excitement including psy one of the most famous pop artists who performed for her. tell us about her popularity and what kind of reception she's getting. >> she got more than 50% which itself is a coup in terms of south korean elections. she beats out the opposition
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which looked to be making a late charge towards victory in the week since her popularity has fallen to the lowest on record for an incoming inaugural president. they were assessing her performance during her transition period and she was struggling to a point. she will in fact take office without any appointed and any approved cap net. -- cab net. she is a very interesting figure. she is is the daughter of the former dictator. she stepped into the roll vated by her late mother when she was killed by an assassin's bullet. she had as very young woman take a very high profile roll. she's remembered fondly for
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that. remember that period is one of economic advancements and they remember her duty do her country. but there are also feel that she should have disassociated more from her father's political roll. there's complexity there. she is an establishment figure. but she does take positions which aren't establishment prepositions on north korea. she's very difficult from her spread saysor. she's taking -- from her predecessor. her father allowed these dime corporations to spring up. he promoted them. they've been seen as taking too much of the fruits of this economy. she's trying, she says, to rain them in. >> well, it's an i election that could shape the future of
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italy's economy. tough economic reforms are dividing voters. jonah has the report from rome. >> after 15 months of unelected government by nonpoliticians, it's time to turn democracy back on in italy. it's a prospect not everyone is excited by. attempting a comeback the master of comebacks silvio berlusconi getting a taste of public anger. significant popular and political proposition makes a berlusconi return to government unlikely. >> i think there will be other elections and it will be worse than this one. there will be more protests an i see instability for the next
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three years. >> we hope for us, for our children for the future, we are better off but there are other who are behind us we hope. >> interim government of technocrats led by professor mario monty may have played a part from bringing him back to the economic brink but in doing so it brought the country back to austerity prolonging its worse recession in years. they are looking for the poll situations to solve their problems. -- politicians to solve their problems. the opponent looks to win a shaky majority despite pledging to press ahead with austerity. he has also said to pursue growth. but it's power potentially curtailed on a colorful cast of
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characters. ♪ >> in perhaps predictable fashion, berlusconi has already broken the silence imposed on politicians in election time. >> here in italy they attacked me with bunga bunga. it was sham and desperation based on nothing. in fact, nothing came of it. >> some may be won over by that. others will be enticed by the anti-establishment, anti-everything appeal of a comedian with no experience in politics whatsoever. in italy today, that is his greatest strength. jonah holt, "al jazeera," naples. >> cuba's president has been given a second five-year term by the country's national assembly. but he said he won't stand again. his brother fidel castro made a
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rare public appearance for just the second time in almost seven years. we're following those from venezuela. >> out with the old and in with the new. that was the clear message from cuba's nearly 82-year-old president raul castro as he was sworn in for his second and five-year term. the most significant announcement at all, out is machado ventura an 82-year-old veteran of the cuban revolution and in is miguel diaz canel. he's only 22 years old, very young. and the first vice president is key. this is theperson would take over if raul castro would not be able to complete his feet year term. so interestingly raul castro is saying that it is time not to cling to power.
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in fact, there should be age limits placed on people who are in key public positions, even though he his main brother castro control the positions here in this country. one thing that raul country is not saying is that there will not be any political change in his country. >> i feel the honor over pro siding over the council of state and government. it's important to reiterate which has been set twice. i was in the elected president to restore capitalism in cuba nor to hand over the revolution. not to destroy it. raul castro who is an admirer of the chinese political system seems to transform his pear which is something that is not from the communist party. there have been violent protests.
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israel said arafat -- died of a heart attack, well the palestinian authority said there is evidenced. >> on saturday he did, six days after being sent to an israeli jail. jeal allowed the heat to attend the autopsy on sunday. he has signs of torture, on his face, back and the right side of his body are obvious. >> it is clear that arafat subjected us to this and which led to his death. it is undeniable that israel's version of events is made up. >> arafat was married with to children. his wife is expecting another baby. >> he was not complaining about
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anything at all. he was a healthy young man. only 30 years of age. jarred felt unwell after eating lumple and then died of a heart attack. they say he was a young man in good health. and they don't believe he died of natural causes. dozens of palestinians demonstrated against his death. they have been fighting with the israeli army for the last few days. there are also protestors in the midtary bank in the state. and to around 3,00 and started a four-day hunger strike. this includes this person.
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he hasn't eaten for more than 200 days. the israeli government has released this statement. >> during the autopsy no illness was found. two bleedings were absorbed in the muscle. one in the shoulder and the other one in interests. something that indicates me the hesitation attempts. nothing can determine the cause of death at this point. >> people in arafat's village say they just want to truth. nicole, "al jazeera." >> protestors in bulgaria want manage political change. plus -- >> rehearsting ahead of the election. can a final debate change voters, mine. and david beckham make
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long-awaited debut. >> afghanistan's president has given u.s. forces to two weeks from wra from the central polished. they they work with the established troops. and the way -- [speaking foreign language] >> the armed forces of the atlantic republican of afghanistan is obliged to get all these other goups. go in the -- and to bring to justice in order to save lives the property or my province. on the presence of foreign troops there there has been
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fights against taliban. after 20 years of fighting the republic of congo have moved to peace. they will try to end the conflict. we have this report from goma in eastern congo. >> for decades regional meddling has let to complex. neighbors states, desperate to ben it from its fast natural resources. this is supposed to see an end to that. they have agreed to reform government institutions as well as the army and police. >> we vigorously commit ourselves. you need to represent our obligations. and we wish that all the signatures do the same. so the framework is too vague. it is not clear how much power
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bodies like the u.n. will have to make sure leaders stick to their word. >> it's been on the political level some discussions between the different governments involved. and people at the grass roots levt are not hurt. the rebel group that is grown in power, building almost a state within a state but its own government and tax collection of taxes. knew power to fight the rebels. the force would be backed up by intelligence collected by unmanned aerial trend. it could take months for that enter veppings is -- intervention. the united nations, he thinks that m-23 could make another
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attempt to make goma. on the outskirts tens of thousands of people are living in tracks. she washes people's clothes. just buy tweet potato for her children. [speaking foreign language] >> we don't know anything about piece. that ha always been for the big leaders to decide. the only thing we know how to do is run. the democratic republic of congo is one of the most reflected countries in the world. but the people remain resilient. they just need a hell process that could help them reconduct it. algal zeera doha. >> malian army said that it is turning time-out be tougher than expected. he's seen this clash of womans in a mownous area.
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-- major town area. >> there have been a massive power of failure in pakistan. cities including carache were affected. it -- they were put on high alert during the black out. there have been more strikes and protests in bangladesh. >> it's a protest against a protest. they have the nainlwide strike -- main streak strikes. they are leading a campaign in favor of capital punishment. [speaking foreign language] this is a strike for all the muslims in the world.
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but i can guarantee they're not against the muslims. try religious protests. at least four people were killed. a protest led by the blog verse been held for nearly three weeks. they do want their freedom. the tro zestors was set up as a secular state. >> i believe the celebration warrant it. i believe that the people who killed millions of people during 1975 has to be tried. i believe in the party -- and all of its other forces
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>> she said government condone inside. no problem ganda. the problem lipe lines in the fact that most of those acused of war crimes are associated with lely jouse party. sbr the government is drib ratly targeting the opposition. >> a new conservative president's next month. 57% of the vote in the presidential run off line. he said these are foreign don errings. they have to be in place by the end of marriage. that's less than four weeks after the new government takes control. the protest against high frule.
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this days come. people are demanding even more change. >> thousands turned out on the streets of the capital sophia. but there was a nationwide protest. people across the country raising their voices against widespread complex and the reisting cuts are living in this improv reshed land. we're now the fourth country in europe because all those years have been dropped. and no money had been beginning to to people. >> the little money you should wamp them. mafia calling for them to step on. the government is silent. well, citizens of this country and we want a major footage. we don't do want this kind of
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democracy. >> and they're voices are being heard. pass street protest led to the resignation. forced to step down. and anger fueled by outrage and the corruption and agree the resignation unless he has done little. listen to the outrange shared by the people. >> benedict 2 6:00 is -- 85-year-old pontiff stepped down earlier this week. and paul brennan has the report. pope benedict lances over his blessing and laid wit significance. twone an audience of -- the pope
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offered reassurance. the pope wants me to dedicate myself more to prayer or meditation. he said -- it is so that i may continue to serve wit love. but in a manner more appropriate. for his decision to resign. well -- it was surprising. something new. will we all have a little of fear, a little bit of surprise. wow, you know? why? >> but that hasn't prevented feverishness fed yeah. uncovered evidence of cooperation and sexual blackmail
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within the vat began. the >>s are top secret. no one's easy seen it. there are journalists think it's speck lar. it's going to of course, fill the vacuum we heard reports of a gay lobby we heard reports of all these things. obviously things he decided to resign. there are calling for the cardinals before they i elect the officials. . that's the process. >> we for closed it. , by the time will have to express in full little bittary. off and on 35. he's completely false. his surprise resignation has
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bought me one for the webb. thousands have been garyed whore in legacy. it will remain his final public appearance will be on wednesday at st. tth peterses. pal bren non, alga degree bope. they are trying to top the countries for taking part and to desiped the next pope. inappropriate way. he rejects those a bations and goes back 33 year years. it's been only representative. onkerry begins his first official yor trip over's. we'll tell you more about his
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agenda after the break. plus, more bad wetter. we'll bring you the latest on tornados and in the southwest. this this strug but details.
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>> hello again, you are with "al jazeera." south korea's first female president has taken her oath of office. she called on all of minority korea to abandon its nuclear ambitions immediately. >> italy has to choose between four candidates but tough economic reforms. >> former president fidel castro accompanied his brother to the general assembly on a surprise visit. it's getting more on our top story.
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john is the professor at john c. university. he joins us via skype from loele. i'd like to start off with the -- new president's stance on north. he's the also made it clear that she wants to pursue a policy and engagement. how do you think that's going to work. >> well, it's going to be difficult. north korea is notoriously difficult country to engage. but that was something that she campaigned on, you know, there's expectations among the south korean populace that she do something to reverse it whatever the pastor has gotten worse an worse. so there's a great deal of pressure. he wants her to be back on the road of some kind of
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reconciliation. she has met kim john ung. many are saying that she likes specifics and how she plans to bring north korea in normalized relaxes. do you agree with that. were i was in that movie recertainly. the fact that that he's already made the trip. so when she saysly engage the north koreans. she knows they can back that up in practice before. the issue of her not having sperblingts, i think we hall wait and see. the best way to renair the companyen tell the world world about it. with north korean and through that dialogue, figure out what are the shortstop steps or what is the long term.
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speaking of her popularity herself. you're one of the most important to performing and how is she views? she has kite an interesting history. she's the daughter of a dictator. she's seen tush late crimes. welcome. they're not as a female friend. but it's someone a family with a very strong bond to south korea. >> it was a very close elect. but there was a divisive company. that said, mason and their sickle is. as far as when it comes to issue like the relationship between north korea and the relationships with japan and china. i think hibrals too -- they are
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giving her the ben hoping that she could move forward on this issue. it's a very politically i can vided for the country. >> ok. thank you very much. good to speak to you. this your watching the inauguration of them. this is the first female president of south korea. she is now going to start taking the helm there. an interesting point is the fact that she was born in north korea. analysts are -- do want to see movement towards moment liesing -- this is an august ration of
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the celebration of the first female president. >> presidential hopeful in kenya are preparing for the finle del televised event. i'll be discussing pornsome si, the economy and land rights. it's a country where many cast their ballots from their tribal lines. >> a voter casts his ballot for kenya's next president. it's a choice between mangos an president. >> this is a bewildering six tier election. as we enter the last week of the campaign, the candidates preparing for their last two weeks encounter. two weeks ago i think i told you about that one of the leading
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candidates aqumed -- the bank doesn't open until the next one. i also believe that he doesn't immediate to show up. many people are influenced by. they may have appreciated it. . >> politics is being so much personality. one of the issues to be tackled is the question of land. the debate will cover up topics, but landra may have a central problem with politics. it's also a problem for this man. his family is one of the biggest neighs in the air. they will defend all of these elements. he isn't there. the political clash is also the len hope. o base useful types of large.
11:36 pm
the possibles are they that will not do it. down here in the worst shop but the debate really needs three. and all of this we're play. but if it's going to change anyone's opinion -- >> joseph has been pounding out cookie in my 25 years. in the second round, we will see if there is any change but all right decided that then i'm made. >> with the league candidate represented by you can reach other points. the outcome come several
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matters. >> the german counselor has been visiting an ar base. around they have deployed there to operation two patriot defense system. he is expecting to hold meetings with the president president. they're i'm turkey's best at yound need to understand the union. sarah has burn killed after a truck is spilled by damascus. he asked us i it is television's hollywood, theater and sen dch and no let up in the fighting. the syrian army has a series of dramats ticks. that's the show attacks on the. well, the trish everybody for
11:38 pm
what he calls acrossities. and it hurts that other countries do stupid things. we are not going to be monthe those who keep silent every day where the ent children are massacred in syria. we will not remain silent in the face of the cruel dictator. the mute di vill, who carried out mass occurs against his own people. >> australians are suffering yet to another devastating tomorrow. thousands hat to leave their home. that's been damaged across these south whales. i have to mark down all the details. the things are they left in there way too much mill kwlons of dollars to remay. some of the parts of the stage
11:39 pm
will know them. it will start clooging up. creating new about stat's for us a yale yeah's wildlife wrecking homes and cities. . this man woke up to what he thought was the effect of an sblokes. >> it's the scariest thick because he experienced. the shatter of all the style. so we've got nice tell. we've got a new house,man. how and of people have been ored from their storm. many of more, the last the character is congress is the toughed down a drean and kig . they are very dangerous and slow very testosterone. i will not say.
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whether they are sled up. they remained for 15 ribs. feeling time land. i'll do the arrest. >> the academy award ceremony is in full swing in las vegas. and the first owners have been announces. we are live in los angeles. he is there. i'll let him fill out then on what's going on. who's down one >> i've had one award. and that's the best supporting acking the volt. you would think with the ex-accept trick. so he's got the first award. we industrial a long ways to go. the one that we were watching --
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for she called victor and the car she's been speaking to because some of the actors were young -- street boys but camp led all the way to afghanistan. you did win, a film called the pursue ceremony. the boys paess mouhammad, we're both on the red carpet earlier. they seem to be if only they perhaps the least well-known actors. among the other interesting things we'll see tonight is whether or not the political furor other zero dark 30. the movie which is done by katherine combig low directed by katherine back low. the story of the c.i.a. hunt for
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osamaen been laden. it resulted in the leader's killing. this film came under politicians in hollywood. excuse me. they said that they seem to por it up. two graphic and gave them the false impression that torture was the keys. it seems that politicians in washington seems to forget movies. will they just be just like to you. rob reynolds is standing by to give us the latest from the red carpet, thank you. the u.s. secretary has run his own. he has tumped down in prison where he could use david
11:43 pm
cameron. he aims to plishe a great deal. 10 days nine cities, six time zones, a long and business ski first trip and giving them both them. you can reasurt the priorities abroad. >> to protect our interests in the world. kerry con tirms in new york. but traveling by mon da. after was, a city used to call home. west germany was the first people to get it. doctor he will have a much anticipated meeting. he tries to contact him two
11:44 pm
weeking ago. but apparently he did didn't return his call. of course, area. then heads to rome for two days whether he is supposed to meet with the group know. and then it's on to a turkey return. two look at problems who have sbn displayed in syria. nearly 400 billion dollars. but she will. she's been unwilling to harm the opposition. the idea of greater help will likely cut around the neck cutter. it makes me spi. the members os of several society. he's likely to push for more transparent circumstances and
11:45 pm
democks sin. i have a feeling about it. now, he is the won crafting it and he's also the one ponsable for its impact. >> still ahead, they may be known as the old lady of it let. we'll have te details.
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>> hello, again. you are watching "al jazeera." it is now time for today's sports. and for that here's jo. >> david beckham has made his long anticipated debut as a sub. despite his brief appearance
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just having him in the squad. it's set to boost the pro 10 of the team. >> it was one of the most wildly anticipated debuts of the season soo far. david beckham making an appearance in the 1976 minutes for his team. at 37, beckham is one of the holdest players in the french league. and as experted started on the bench. but it was clear he was the man many have come to see. he's appearance from the pitch accompanied by a chance of his name. beckham's opponent to the leaders of the french league surprised some. s the clearly a. his ever move had had been watched carefully. it is former club a.l. glaxry.
11:48 pm
they're likely to do the sun. these par -- it's david beckham. it's the class of football. it's huge. >> it will attract quite a few women and on the bids zide, it will sewn sures. to we'll have to see. but i think his career is behind him. >> this match though paris said they're the biggest rival keeps them 2 him. he is still one of biggest names. he is he was on the star of the nigh. >> beckham has until the end of the season to make his mark. an keep his dream alive was
11:49 pm
becoming the first english women. she was the subject of race sys term outs. >> they have a lead tight until their sight, the opponents have their allegations. she never look like repeating that thrault you've entered. with defenders stephane elect steiner. two more goals followed in the second half. they went 7 exnt clear -- the rnr.
11:50 pm
he was up against. a land had just beaten barcelona. they found out what she was wearing with the opener. while only some inspired goal keeping prevented him from adding a second. the italian was taunted by his former team. but he kept his composure in the match. the equalizer. the match finished 1-1. which means it's on the way to enter. . in space of that i thought they would stay espanol. 12-points behind barcelona.
11:51 pm
even though i don'tn't want to teach my kids. it's an advance i'd like to see you guyings come. you can end it on thursday when they want two women concerned. not a good sight forced to handrail vetted. it's the first minute. they win it 391. seven place there are. called by defender. just seconds after he met his own goal by the legal ian and -- ian and blue one. >> chelsea couldn't taken the mark. he had tizzenlt. back to cool, the second half goal. this is stid's first primes.
11:52 pm
they say 12 president 5 leaders will be united. >> i only, to continue to work like today to play well, to improve because question improve. onlts and maybe look at the table and another caruous i can. >> youeesed the score is important. i didn't everything. focky made their first major trophy. they beat fourth grade cloud on sunday. with meet you're also finding in the beck of the neck. it's the biggest victory measurery. scopt land has beaten argument. i. for the first time in 20 years.
11:53 pm
i don't even know how to act each state. and break laid but he's not the oldest tries. england still leads it by six months. i'm going to steal in with a chance to know that you have two rounds remaining. helped his side ng. i could stand with training by two new sessions. a mix up between and the partnership. hiss first two week on the day and it's. after that, an a.t. one.
11:54 pm
let's listen once. in thrire, her first has taken cal of i henderson got a double to help india to a 135-run dead. he made history by becoming the first levinian to win the world cup titles. she was fast ils. she clinched the afternoon. mariah will not crarb down at the end of her run. now me, i'm standing. 158 points. lg that wetch nine world cause left. she simply can't do. frenchmaner lenged hunter were hunters.
11:55 pm
how do i find -- i think you can finish that. and check out "al jazeera".com. and that's all for now. thanks for watching. we'll have abe more later. >> they are on display incluged this one. they're expected to have more cars to celebrate.
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